Distal Humerus

On 14 July 2012 on our way back to take the boat to Sulawesi after a week of adventures, we hopped on the back of a truck full with construction materials - sand, iron rods etc. Going down the mountain vehicle's breaks failed and we crashed into a rock. Don't want to go into too much medicine, but the recap is 6 broken ribs resulting in flail chest, shattered shoulder blade, fractured elbow in need of operation, subdural hematoma from head injury. 10 days in I.C.U. with tube draining my chest from blood. It became clear that the surgeon is pro conservative treatment of my chest, besides the hospital didn't have the equipment to operate. We evacuated to Kuala Lumpur where my first bad elbow operation took place. Then Doc. Enchev (Pirogov, Sofia, Bulgaria) basically saved me by replacing the plates and bone grafting. So far I have 5 surgeries in the course of 3 years and restricted movement of 40°.

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